Electric blanket 3 levels of heating perfect to warm the bed has hooks for mounting to the bed or mattress protection against ov

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  • 5902802901804
  • Manufacturer: Iso Trade

Specification: power: 65W; material: polyester; power supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz; number of heating stages: 3; dimensions: 190 x 80 cm; wire length: ~ 150 cm; blanket weight: 1 kg; weight with packaging: 1.4 kg.



An electric blanket has many uses. Perfect to warm the bed! It brings relief to rheumatic ailments. It is irreplaceable in the case of nerve root or rheumatic pains. Through gentle and even heating the whole body improves blood circulation, which improves well-being and overall mobility. It is soft and pleasant to touch, although it is not used to cover up. The operation is indicated by the control lamp on the remote control.

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