Dropshipping is logistic model of online sales of a web-based online store with a wholesaler. In practice, this means that the process of order preparation and delivery to the final customer is realized by wholesaler.



When your customer order the product, you need to order the product from the wholesaler and then wholesaler ship it to your customer. Wholesaler deals with the whole process of order preparation (picking goods, checking goods, preparing transport documents, packing the goods and secure into the carton and transfer to logistic company which send the parcel to final destination.


Offer is available for all B2B customers so online shop owners, ebay and amazon sellers.


We provide integration with the following platforms: Shoppers, Clickshop, Shopify, IAI-SHOP, Woocommerce, Istore, Magento, Opencart, OscGold, OsCommerce, Prestashop, RedCart, ShopGold, Shopicom through Verosoft or Skyshop. We can also provide XML or CSV file and then you can integrate this data on your side.



  • reduction of costs (including incurring costs, no need to "freeze" the capital in the goods)

  • save your time (delivery of goods is resealed by the wholesaler)

  • no need to store goods

  • increasing variety of store offers

  • reduced shipping time to the customer


Our wholesale offers the following conditions:

  • orders placed by 13:00 are processed the same day

  • your courier can pick up the goods before 15:00 if you don't want to use our service

  • competitive shipment rates for dropshipping service

  • very wide assortment of high quality licensing products

  • xml or csv format feed provided

  • each order is submitted separately


Here are our most frequently asked questions about dropshipping:


  1. How are settlements between our store and Gatito?
    Shop make order in our B2B platform and points the customer data to which the ordered product we send. During all week Gatito send products to Shop's customers. It's not possible to choose option "Cash on Delivery"

  2. Who issues proof of purchase for final customer such as receipts or invoices?

    The shop issues receipts or invoices. We advise you to include in the regulations that the customer agrees to issue and send the invoice in electronic form. Sending an invoice to the customer in electronic form exempts from the obligation to serve a fiscal receipt, which is attached to a copy of the invoice.

  3. Is the shop fully autonomous in terms of pricing policy?

    Answer: Yes. Of course. Applied prices are individual of each Store.

  4. How Should I place the order?
    The order for the products sold by the online shop should be placed directly on our B2B platform: www.gatito.pl. There is no automatic order transfer to our system at the time of purchase by the customer in the Store. If the customer has chosen to pay by traditional bank transfer but did not make a deposit, please place an order for this product with the same information in the order comment so that the product can not be sent as the shop is waiting for payment by the customer..

  5. In the case of a complaint the customer returns the goods to the Store or to Gatito?

    The customer returns the damaged product to Gatito.

  6. On whose side will settle such a return or make a complaint?

    If the claim is accepted, the money will be returned to the Shop. The amount of money returned to the Shop customer reduces the Store's liability to Gatito.

  7. If the customer cancels the purchase within 14 days, the store may return the returned product to Gatito?

    Gatito does not accept returns for consumer returns returned by customers to the owner of online shop.

  8. Can I use your photos? 

    Yes. You can use our pictures. Photos can be downloaded from the order history. Photo links are also available in the CSV or XML file format.

  9. Where can I find an offer in XML or CSV format that I could add to my online shop, ebay or amazon platform?

    Please email us at: kontakt@gatito.pl with information on what format the file should be generated. The offer with the current stock is generated every hour. Full specification in XML format is available at: https://gatito.pl/pl/module/exportxml/xmlinfo or in the XML Catalog tab in the management panel. The feed is also available for woocommerce and shopify.

  10. Which company provides courier services?

    Goods are shipped via DPD or UPS

  11. Does dropshipping involve any deal?

    We do not require signing any contract.

  12. Does prices for product in dropshipping service are different from those in the standard model of cooperation?

    Prices are the same, the only difference is 0,50 euro net for individual dropshipping order

Contact us:

If you are interested in cooperating with dropshipping please make a registration on the wholesale platform or please contact us by email:
kontakt@gatito.pl or by phone: +48 501 314 315


We are able to ship directly to final customer for all destinations. For some countries we have special shipping rates.  Countries not from that list - standard shipping fee apply.

Please note, below shipping rates will appear automaticaly when dropshipping address is entered into the correct field in the order basket.

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